Jacket2 Commentary Series: Architectures of Disappearance

Honora Spicer, A poetics of proximity (February 2022)

Rebekah Patnode, Tatiana Rodriguez and Honora Spicer, 'Attention is the most important thing we can give to one another': In Conversation with JD Pluecker (November 2021)

Honora Spicer, Reading JD Pluecker's 'Swamps Fly' (November 2021)

Honora Spicer, Reading 'Los muros no son para siempre'/'Walls are not forever' (October 2021)

Honora Spicer, Reading Yousif M. Qasmiyeh's 'Writing the Camp' (October 2021)

Honora Spicer, Orienting to Im/mobility (September 2021)

Published Poetry

Honora Spicer, 'Hawkins Boulevard' from POST BOND in Tripwire (September 2021)

UTEP/ EPCC Mellon Humanities Collaborative Blog

Adam Heywood, The Bridge Toward Awareness and a Decolonizing Future (upcoming)

Honora Spicer, Tatiana Rodriguez and Adam Heywood, Reflections on Three Public Soundwalks in April 2022 (upcoming)

Tatiana Rodriguez, Carceral Geography: The Visibility of a Place is Affected By Our Sensory Perceptions and Ways of Moving (upcoming)

Tatiana Rodriguez, A Conversation with Donna Snyder: An Advocate and Speaker for the Unseen (April 2022)

Honora Spicer, Architectures of Disappearance: In Conversation with Contemporary Poets (April 2022)

Adam Heywood, Uncovering Historical Silences Towards a Cageless Future (March 2022)

Tatiana Rodriguez, Learning About Silenced Histories Through Spoken Word Poetry (November 2021)

Rebekah Patnode, Orienting to Carceral Geography in Summer 2021 (October 2021)